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The Best Apps to Download Before Your Trip to Boston

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Your mobile phone will quickly become your most essential travel tool on your next trip to Boston with these travel focused apps.


Flying in? Boston’s Logan Airport is a major airport, meaning flights pass through every day. If being sure you’re getting the absolute cheapest fare is your priority, Skiplagged can help unlock secret deals on air travel.

Transit App or ProximiT

Boston’s transit can be a super convenient and affordable way to get around the city. Know which subway train to take and when it’s coming with these two convenient public transportation apps.

Tour Boston’s Freedom Trail

Even at $2.99 for Apple devices, it’s far cheaper than some of the other traditional guided tours in the city. Navigate the Freedom trail with ease and learn about the historical significance of stops along the 2.5-mile route.

ParkWhiz or ParkBoston

Driving? No sweat! ParkWhiz app will help you find parking deals all over the city and even lets you book them instantly on your phone. ParkBoston is connected to the city’s metered parking spots and conveniently lets you pay your meter fare from your mobile device, then tracks your time so you can avoid pesky parking tickets.

Weather Underground

One of the highest rated weather apps gives you an advantage over the ever changing New England forecasts. Get hour by hour interactive radar and forecast updates to make sure you stay ready for fun.

Weekend Essentials: What to Pack for a Boston Getaway


The only thing predictable about New England weather is the unpredictability. That’s why many tourists often panic when planning a trip to Boston. So what do you pack when traveling to a new city, especially when the weather may change at any moment? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. A good rain jacket

We’re not just talking about something with a hood here, but a layer that’s truly waterproof. Trust us, you’ll be glad you brought it when it starts down pouring during the second inning of your Red Sox game.

2. Comfortable walking shoes

Unless you plan on taking a cab everywhere, you’re going to do a lot of walking. This fact, combined with the many cobblestone streets, makes high heels impractical (and dangerous) for even the most experienced fashionista. Traveling during the winter months? Definitely pack some warm winter boots. The slush-filled streets will ruin sneakers in no time.

3. Nicer evening attire

Planning on checking out an opera, ballet or musical while you’re in town? Be sure to pack something that’s a step up from your tourist gear. For the ladies, we recommend some cotton slacks that travel well (and will require little ironing once you get to your hotel) to keep your legs warm if the weather suddenly turns chilly.

4. Jeans

Known for it’s comfortable style, Boston is a city that lives for jeans. Pair them with a slinkier top or a button down dress shirt and they will instantly take you from Fenway Park to happy hour. Packing one pair will often take you through several outfits during your trip and they may even be rolled or cuffed if the weather turns warm.

5. Great pajamas

Whether you’re traveling to Boston for business or pleasure, comfortable pajamas are essential to ensure you’ll get a great night’s sleep. Packing stylish PJs will also mean you’re presentable enough to walk downstairs to grab your breakfast in the morning.

What not to pack? Your Yankees gear, of course! Sports are a religion in Boston, and while the people are friendly, we don’t necessarily make fast friends with the enemy. What item always makes it into your suitcase when you travel to Boston? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!